Bitcoin:Those who think investing in Bitcoin is business are the biggest fools.

Bitcoin:Those who think investing in Bitcoin is business are the biggest fools.

So many people are talking about the rise of Bitcoins. Everyone wants to know whether to invest in it or not? Is it safe? But nobody can properly explain what Bitcoin is and also whoever is trading and investing in Bitcoins does not know completely about it. I will tell you what Bitcoin is in the simplest way possible. Bitcoin was built as a way of a medium of exchange for goods and services, in a very short time it became so popular because nobody needs to pay a tax on the transactions made with Bitcoins and Bitcoins can be transferred to in just a few seconds with just a few clicks. When it grew in popularity, everyone started using it but its supply was limited in the market. Since the demand for Bitcoins got higher and the supply was low, the price of Bitcoins started rising up.

People started investing in Bitcoins and it created more demand and the price kept on rising. Basically, Bitcoin is nothing more than a virtual currency which does not have any existence.

Do you invest in Bitcoins?

So many people think that making money through trading Bitcoins is entrepreneurship or business or a good investment. According to the top entrepreneurs and businessmen, investment and business are those transactions in which we have some kind of influence and according to cryptocurrency experts, no one can influence or predict the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins. Investing in cryptocurrency is the highest risk investment since any investment which has a fluctuation of more than 30% is termed as a very risky and unstable investment but people are investing in cryptocurrencies because presently they have a high return on investment.

According to Warren Buffett – “People are not buying into the value of substance but people are buying into the value of hype.”

An investment in company shares, IPO or bonds is an actual investment in which you can calculate the growth and predict the future but in Bitcoins, no one can predict the future, and investing in it is a pure gamble. Bitcoins are mostly used by terrorist organizations, money lenders, hackers and various another black market players because it is not possible to track Bitcoins.

So if you want to be a rich businessman or a successful entrepreneur then invest in your business and on your mind. Ratan Tata, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mukesh Ambani did not become billionaires by investing in such hypes like Bitcoin they became rich and successful by investing in their business. So invest in yourself and your business and forget about gambling.

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