“Does Gaurav Did Fraud with Baba ka Dhabha”

“Does Gaurav Did Fraud with Baba ka Dhabha”

Does Gaurav Did Fraud with Baba ka Dhabha”


  • Kanta Prasad, who is the owner of Baba ka Dhabha runs his business in Malviya Nagar, South Delhi has filed a complaint against the Instagram Influencer and the YouTuber Gaurav Wasan for allegedly misappropriating the donation money received by Gaurav Wasan, which was raised to help him and his wife.


  • On 6th October 2020, Gaurav had posted a video on his YouTube channel “Swad Official” in which he talked about that the couple (owner of Baba ka Dhabha) talking about the lack of customers at the eatery in Malvya Nagar. A day after this video of baba ka dhabha was trending on Twitter and got viral on all social media platforms which resulted in coming of people’s from all over the country and started a campaign providing financial help and support to Prasad to restart his business.


  • On 7th and 8th October Gaurav uploaded another video on his Facebook page where both Gaurav and Kanta Prasad were seen informing the viewers that they had received a sufficient money and they don’t need more, and also urged the viewers to now help other needy peoples.


  • Also, Kanta Prasad who is about 80 years old told a media that he had received only a cheque of 2 lakhs from Wasan. He also said that now I don’t get lot of customers most of the people come here only to take selfies and not to eat the food. He also said that earlier when the video got viral his earning was around Rs 10,000 per day but from now onwards it is decreased to Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000.


  • The controversy began when another YouTuber name Lakshay Chaudary uploaded a video in his channel accusing Wasan of online scam. The tittle of the video was “Jaggo Donor Jaggo” Chaudhary alleged that Wasan had received a lot of money for Prasad, but he had not given the money to the Kanta Prasad (owner of baba ka dhabha). In the video Lakshay Chaudary were urging the people to help the needy instead of blindly donating to someone. Lakshay also raised a concern that how the donations were being collected by Gaurav Wasan in his own bank account which seemed fishy, while some You Tuber’s alleged that Wasan had received Rs 25 Lakhs in his Account.


  • In the complaint that was made by the Kanta Prasad said that, Wasan shot his video and posted it online and convinced the public on social media to donate money to the eatery owner. In his complaint he also alleged that Wasan intentionally and deliberately shared his and his/her family, friend bank details without intimating us to the donors and collected a huge amount of money from the donors through different payment methods.


  • Deputy Police Commissioner of South Delhi Atul Kumar Thakur said, that we received the complaint and we are inquiring into it and no F.I.R has been registered yet.


  • In the defence Wasan denied all the allegations and said that he had transferred all the donation money to the Prasad’s Account. Gaurav said that baba is falsely accusing him He said that on 8th of October he had gone to the bank with Baba himself and deposited Rs 75,000 to his bank account. He also clarified that the money he had received given to Prasad in this way, a cheque of Rs 2 Lakh 33 Thousand and transferred 1 Lakh by NEFT to his account, and Rs 45,000 was transferred through Paytm, clarifying that he had transferred all the money that he had acquired to the Kanta Prasad.


  • He also said that these charges were made only to harm my reputation if the said charges were true I wouldn’t have come forward to provide the proof of my bank statements correctly when the police had asked me to reveal my bank statement. He also said that if Rs 25 Lakhs is found in my account which was alleged by other You Tuber's in his video then only will I be found guilty and proved false.


  • He said that in his video of 28th of October which he uploaded to show proofs of the appropriation of money and clarified all the misunderstandings, where in his video a small clip which contains that Gaurav can be seen handing over a cheque of Rs 2 Lakh 33 thousand to baba and saying to baba that rest of the money is safe with him and he will provide the same to baba in no time.



In order to conclude the same I would say Gaurav didn’t do a fraud because if he do so, he wouldn’t have shown his bank statement to the police where all the transactions were placed, also in his video which was uploaded on 28th of October where we can see Gaurav handed over the cheque of Rs 2 Lakhs 33 thousand to Baba and we heard that Wasan said that the rest of the money is safe with him and he will provide it in no time. Also, in the bank statements as per Gaurav where the donation money was around Rs 3.5 Lakhs was transferred to Baba by cheque, NEFT and Paytm. So according to these statements, I would say that Wasan didn’t do fraud with Baba ka Dhabha. It was the false allegations that was made by the Kanta Prasad to Gaurav Wasan.



Dhruv Jain