How To Make Consumer Court Online Filing?

How To Make Consumer Court Online Filing?


In dynamic India, consumers today have the option to file a complaint or even share their experiences about grievances about any product or services or the brand quality and seek redressal for a similar thing.

Through an online portal the consumer can easily file a complaint based on the issue by visiting the consumer court and submitting the required document.

On the other side the aggravated customer can also register the complaint online by following steps mentioned here.


Who Can Even Lodge A Consumer Complaint?

 In recent years the government has come up with various awareness programs that allow the customer to share their grievances and also makes the voice of the customers more roubst and active to claim their rights whenever they are cheated or have to deal with harassment issues.

So if a consumer has any respective complaints or grievances  about the quality of product or services about the protect or other service qualities or they are made to pay the excess price or get defective material and they can complain to get proper protection. The consumer protection act, 1986 deals with consumer protection and rights in India . The act provides the right to the consumer and two or more consumers with the same interest grounds.

“The show also helps any registered voluntary organization. But you need to know that the complaint must be lodged within two years from the cause of action.

The court will not entertain any cases if the complaint is installed after the completion of 2 years, except if there is a reasonable cause for delay in filing the given complaint. It is necessary to visit the online portal for consumers and the empowerment center to register a consumer complaint through the online mode.

The website is a grievance redressal system, the consumer coordination council maintains it, and the Government of India department of consumer affairs supports the same.

In 2019, the consumer protection act was amended to allow people to file consumer cases online. The amendment mainly aimed at protecting consumers in the digital commerce age. The dispute resolution process under this ad can be initiated with a simple online case filing. For this purpose, different states have also allowed filing through the e-dakhil portal.


How Does This Portal Work For Consumer Case Filing Online?

 Shopping online exploded with the nationwide lock down. E-commerce companies have witnessed heavy traffic, especially the ones dealing with household consumer appliances and fast-moving items. At the same time, consumer grievances also enhanced while the courts remained mainly inaccessible. Therefore, there was an urgent need to file consumer grievances. This has resulted in the formation of the e- dakhil.

It was formed by joint efforts of the judiciary and state governments. There is no need to visit any district or state government forum. The lawyer or the complainant can file the complaint online through this portal.


Documents Required For Consumer Court Online Filing:


  • List of dates

  • Index

  • Party details featuring complete address and phone number

  • Notarized attested affidavit featuring the complaint copy

  • Fees payable

  • Supporting documents like warranty cards, vouchers, and receipts



Tips To File The Consumer Court Complaint Online:


  • Register the complaint

Firstly, being a consumer, you must complain to the official web portal. You must complete the online registration form by providing all the essential details like residential address, name, phone number, etc. Then you must create your user ID and password in the web portal.

  • Lodge a complaint
    The complainant can easily file a complaint against all the registered brands or service providers. The online complaint system will have a drop-down section on the given website. It will mention all the segment brand sectors registered with the department of consumer affairs in the menu section. The complainant needs to attach all the documents to support their complaints while raising online criticism. The consequences and the relief can also be indicated at the time of submitting the complaint.


  • Check Your Status

After submitting your complaint successfully, the complainant can get an electronically generated number. You can use the same number to track your status regarding the complaint until the problem is solved.


When it comes to filing of a complaint in consumer court, you have to follow the requisite steps on portal  stating on redresses on the portal.


Written by:

Priyanshu Jain.