How to make your parents support your startup?- Startup series#2

How to make your parents support your startup?- Startup series#2

Today’s world is changing very fast. Almost every day a thousand start-ups are springing up. Students at the age of 17 or 18 are making millions of dollars. The world has changed now. Earlier, in order to become a millionaire or a billionaire you had to have massive funds and 10 to 20 years of experience in your field was a must. But now that’s not true at all.  You can be a millionaire or a billionaire at any age and that too, within a very short period of time.

Many students who want to start their own businesses are facing a number of problems. One of the most common problems that I have found students struggling with is that their parents don’t support their startups. This is a very common problem, especially in India because Indians have a very insecure mentality. They spend millions on their children’s marriage, but they don’t even risk a few thousand for their children’s start-up.

I know many students who face this problem.

So, in this article, I am going to give you some tips on how to make your parents believe in you and your startup.

TIP #1

First of all, start achieving small things in life, your achievements will strengthen your parents’ believe in you. Try to do those things which your parents think you could never do and prove to them that you can succeed.

For example: If you have always got above average grades in your class then just study hard for a semester and improve your results. If you have never participated in a debate or sports, then participate in these activities. Work hard for such competitions and try to win one of them. If you succeed in your efforts, then you will see that your parents will start believing in you and they will realize that you too have extraordinary abilities. Keep achieving new feats until your parents trust you every bit.

TIP #2

When you are talking to your parents or having dinner with them interact with them and talk to them about your plans to start a start-up. Suppose you want to build an app or a website then start telling them about how much one can earn through it, and what are the opportunities in that sector. Tell them about the success stories of people who have realized their dreams and have achieved money, fame, and respect because of their start-ups. This gesture will indicate to them how passionate and informed you are about your start-up.

TIP #3

Never go to your parents without planning and never bluntly ask them for funds or for help for your start-up. Pick a correct day and correct time to ask your parents for a favor. Wait for the appropriate time to talk to your parents and if the time is not appropriate then make it appropriate. Do something that makes them feel proud of you and strike when the iron is hot. Just plan everything before you go asking them a favor for your start-up.

TIP #4

If you are going to your parents to ask for permission for your start-up, then remember these pieces of advice.

  • Always be calm and polite with your parents.
  • Don’t rush them! Give them time to think about your idea.
  • Always be willing to compromise or negotiate with them.
  • Respect their decisions. Try to reason with your parents even if they say no.

What to do when your parents say ‘NO’ for your startups?

If you follow the tips as mentioned above, I believe that you never will need to read the one I am about to tell you. But if your parents are a little too stubborn and are not approving of your startup then don’t worry, try these bits of advice. Before you read any further let me tell you that this tip will work for you, only if you, yourself are extremely passionate about your start-up and believe in it with your whole heart.



After you tell your parents about your start-up, never argue with them if they object. Just try to convince them why it is good for you. Reason with them rather than arguing with them. Tell them how much you believe in your idea and tell them that you see your future in that field. Try and convince them that you absolutely love your idea will not be happy doing anything else. Describe to them how your idea opens up a whole new world for you.

They might say that most of the start-ups fail. Remind them of your past achievements. Ask your teachers, mentors, and your elder siblings to help you convince your parents.

The message:-

I only want to tell you that you are who you are. No one in this world can know you better than you. Don’t let anyone convince you that your dreams, goals, career choices are stupid. Your parents might try to convince you that you are not mature or that they know the world better, etc. They might tell you to play it safe first; to get a degree, secure a backup.

Believe it or not, they are correct from their point of view, but if you are sure about yourself and are extremely passionate towards your idea then don’t be afraid and go after your dreams. Remember, you are unique, nobody can be like you. If all the people in the world tried to play it safe, then we would be still living in the golden age. You would never get to use your laptop running on ‘Windows operating system’ which was developed by Bill Gates who is a college drop out. You will never get to use your ‘iPhone’ which was developed by Steve Jobs who too was a college drop out. So never let anyone convince you that your dreams are impossible or impractical. Just believe in your dreams, and good things will start happening to you.