In a Study, It was found that 60% of Indians hate their job

In a Study, It was found that 60% of Indians hate their job

A few days ago, I was talking to my cousin. He was freaking out about his career, his life and his future. He got a Chartered Account degree because his parents and relatives told him that that’s what he needed to do in order to become successful. He’s making decent money as a Chartered accountant but the problem is that he’s not happy with his job; actually, it’s a bit complicated than that, he hates going to his job so much that he comes up with whatever excuses he can to either not go to work or to leave work early. He’s miserable at his job. He has lost all interest in his work because he isn’t doing what he thought he would be doing when he got his Chartered account degree. His boss is arrogant, and he doesn’t have time to do anything else in his life because of the long work hours, he goes to work early in the morning by 9 o’clock and then by the time he returns home; he’s so exhausted that all he wants to do is eat, watch TV and then go to sleep. He doesn’t have time to do the things that he wants to do with his life. I advised him that if you hate your job so much then quit it and start a business. His response was really interesting, he told me that if he does something different now, he would look like a failure, all of his friends are in a position where they’re getting promotions or they are making strategic moves in their careers to move up the corporate ladder. He also told me that there is no guarantee that he will achieve success in business and his main concern was that if his business idea doesn’t work then his parents and relatives will consider him a fool. So the bottom line is; he doesn’t want to start from zero so he is continuing with his 9 to 5 job, oh! sorry, 9 to 9 job.

The reason why Indians are not happy with their job or profession is that in India, 82% parents decide their child’s careers.



It’s never too late to do what makes you happy but the reality is that it is very difficult to quit a job and try something completely different and it’s especially tough when you go from a steady paycheck to a big question mark; when you have bills to pay and a family to support. If you feel this way you’re not alone. In a recent study, it was found that 66% of Indians or nearly 7 out of 10 people are going to a job that they hate and they keep going back day after day after day only because they get a paycheck there or because they feel like they can’t do anything different because it’s too late for them.

Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open.
– Alexander Graham Bell

Here is a video from Jay Shetty. It is a must-watch if you think that you are too late to do something that you always wanted to do.


If you really hate your job or don’t want to work 9 to 5 for someone else then I have some solutions for you:

  • First off; you don’t have to quit your job, change your life completely and start doing something brand new that you’ve never done before. You can start doing something part-time and keep-on learning until you’re ready to go full-time.
  • If people around you say you are stupid because you are doing something different; screw them. Their opinions are their opinions and that’s it. They’ll laugh at you and make fun of you for doing something different right now but once you become successful they’ll be telling all of your friends and all of their friends about you.

When JK Rowling was in her 20s she was broke; she had no direction. She didn’t get her first Harry Potter book published until she was in her 50s but now she’s the most successful author of all time.

Walt Disney was fired from his job at 23 for not being creative enough. He lost his first company which he created in 1921 to bankruptcy. His idea for Micky mouse was rejected by MNG as a talking mouse was thought to be too scary. When he died his net worth was 1 billion dollar.

When Oprah was in her 20s she wanted to be on TV, so she got a job as a co-anchor for a local news station and then she was fired. Her boss told her that she was not fit for TV. Now, she’s one of the most successful TV personalities of all time.

There are countless stories like this. This is your life and the only person holding you back from doing what you want to do is you. Sure, it can be hard and scary at first but the alternative is that you stay in the same position, you stay miserable, you keep doing the same thing again and again and again, day after day after day and you just keep blaming yourself. As I said before you don’t have to just quit everything and start a whole new chapter of your life. Just start doing what you love to do and take baby steps. I know it’s gonna be harder trying to manage everything else you’re doing in life but its better than the alternative. So if you are not happy with your current job or profession, stop regretting and start doing something that makes you happy and brings out the best in you.


Yesterday, I was watching a Movie on freedom. The movie was really interesting and was worth watching if you are confused whether to leave your current job or not.

Movie summary – Samarth (Sumeet Vyas), focused and successful, a corporate professional who is busy making his way up the corporate ladder. Vanya (Mukti Mohan), a free-spirited blogger who is busy living life on her own terms.

Watch how they embark on a journey that will change their lives forever.