Patent Registration Process in the United Arab Emirates.

Patent Registration Process in the United Arab Emirates.


A scientific or technological founder is entitled to IP security in the form of patent enrollment in the UAE. However, the laws of patent enrollment in the UAE don’t extent IP protect for certain inventions such as diagnostic methods, treatments and concepts for surgical operations.

Furthermore, scientific and mathematical principles, discoveries and approach are not entitled to patent security in the UAE.

This means institution and scientific organizations required to understand how a patent is define in the UAE context before applying for enrollment. They should also required to know the standard procedure, specially what specific items will lead to patent elimination in the UAE. These things are complicated and required the specialized assistance of patent enrollment agents in the UAE.


Here is a list of every aspects of patent enrollment in the UAE that you should know:

The Patent in the situation of the United Arab Emirates

Patent enrollment in the UAE is governed by Federal Law No. 31 of 2016, promulgated by Law No. 17 of 2002 on Regulation and security of Industrial Property of Patents, Industrial Drawings and Designs.

As per this legislation, the UAE allow patent security to all area of technology, required that such an idea or innovative improvement has a scientific base and is applicable. Further, the inventions should be deemed industrially applicable in the broadest word if use or utilizing in such field as agriculture, fisheries, handicrafts and services.

Competent Authority allowing Patent enrollment in the UAE

The Ministry of Economy or the MOE is the competent government authorization that controls and control the process of patent enrollment in the UAE. By enrolling a patent in the UAE, a founder or innovator can safeguard their patented innovation from any patty who attempts to use or misutilization it.

The patent is considered as a deed of security issued by the UAE Ministry of Economy to an original founder. Inventors can avail the best patent enrollment services in Dubai, UAE to secure their innovations.


Documents needed for Filing a Patent Registration in the UAE:

  1. A power of attorney duly legalized

  2. If the applicant is a company, a duly legalized extract from the Commercial Register or the Memorandum of Association must be presented

  3. A copy of the English specification and claims with its Arabic translation

  4. A set of drawings related to the invention

  5. An abstract of the invention

  6. A duly legalized deed of assignment signed by the inventor, in case the applicant is not the inventor

  7. A certified copy of the application that shows the filing date, number and country


Major Steps in Registering A Patent in the UAE:

To file a patent in the UAE, the applicants required to navigate a series of steps associated with the process. The real application should be accompanied by a particular set of documents and other requirements.

The following are the some steps in filing a patent application in the UAE:

1. File the Application 

The founders required to file the application to the International Centre for Patent enrollment (ICPR) under the Ministry of Economy. Patent enrollment agents in Dubai perform this process on side of the applicants.


2. Submit the Documents 

The documents need for patent enrollment in the UAE involve the application form, description and all the another documents mentioned in this article. Furthermore, detailed descriptions of the idea, any drawings and bibliographic details should be submit.

The MoE will inspect the application and in case any document is missing, the applicants will get 90 days to submitted them again.


3. Make the Payment 

The cost of filing a patent enrollment in the UAE may differ for person and company. The patent registration agents in the UAE can renew the applicants about the cost of filing.


4. Wait for Examination and Final allowing of the Application 

The measure of receiving a patent is quite lengthy, as it need formal and extensive examination of concepts and innovations. The entire process can take up to a month to done.


5. Granting Patent Status 

If all things is okay, the patent allow will be published and distributed in the Industrial Property Publication and the UAE’s Official Gazette until the date it has been authorized.

Once this has been completed, the now will start an investigation to find out the patent grant conforms with federal rules of the statute and that the innovation or method is innovative, real, and serve its industrial purpose.

A allowed patent is valid for 20 years counting from the official date of filing. However, patent word after that period can’t be extended.


Avail the Best Patent enrollment Services in Dubai, UAE 

Scientific innovations are the backbone of our corporation and they must be secured through patent enrollment in the UAE.

Innovators or founders across the world may be researching identical scientific subjects, projects or ideas. This means the invention of a scientist in the UAE can be related to that of a big corporation in the United States or Israel. The critical thing here is who acquired the patent protection first.

The UAE’s patent safety regime is powerful but involves a series of complex steps. However, the assistance of the best patent enrollment broker in Dubai such as Jitendra Intellectual Property (JIP) will come in handy for the founder. JIP has a team of patent instructor in Dubai who can help the discoverer with drafting the documents and submitting them without any fault to the MoE.