Story of the start-up law firm that is knocking on the door of greatness

Story of the start-up law firm that is knocking on the door of greatness


Start-ups are small organizations yet they hold a major part in the monetary cycle. They make more positions which imply greater work, and greater business implies a further developed economy. Not just that, a start-up adds to financial advancement by expanding development and prompting rivalry. Start-up make new business sectors or totally change old business sectors by presenting items, administrations, and thoughts that change the world. New innovations regularly set out new open doors. Genuinely start-ups make a tremendous worth over mature organizations, motivating contest, and pushing the economy to advance. Be that as it may, not all new companies succeed.

Being a resident of a developing nation, the general presumption of the citizen is that they lack of technology, resources and opportunities. Over the presumptions of a fixed mind-set one has to develop a promoted mind-set to get into the culture of entrepreneurship. The youths of India, today are more inclined towards the start-ups and framing their business and creative thoughts and idea into a new venture just like ChaiSutta Bar, Cred, swiggy and many more. They have developed a good business at a global level and stands as an exceptional remarkable position in a global level. To sustain with a competitive business environment every law firm needs a proper business strategy for development of the firm with specific tactics.

With the emergence of the Information Technology Act, 2000, e-commerce, and e-governance in India, technology has given birth to an efficient and sensible mode of dealing with issues that further aim at reducing the burden of already burdened courts and the government with reference to digitalisation. With concurrence to the present scenario, the law firms have developed the online redress also which have gained so much attention during this pandemic. This write up is going to acknowledge about the areas where start-ups have to focus, the strategy which the start-up can follow to become one of the leading firms of the era, challenges and their success mantra with reference to the leading start up law firms.



Growth of a start-up:

Youth come up with new idea having spirit of “Develop the ability to make something from nothing”. Essentially a start up starts by distinguishing an imminent client and a neglected need or want that the market has not tended to yet. The ability to extract the most out of the limited resources calls upon promising circumstances. Generally, one starts by recognizing a forthcoming client and a neglected need or want that the market has not tended to yet. This will eventually reduce the expense of employing utilizing an enlisting firm and it gets you youthful, and new ability who as of now have some experience with what you are doing.

To become an established and recognised firm a start-up has to constitute a strong core team that stalls the organization's vision into transient objectives and satisfies them to clear the way to progress.

It should be framing pivotal to any effective in light of the fact that regardless of the availability of resources. Having a strong core group is essential to guarantee the best execution of the organization's vision.

Transformation of start up to a leading venture:

Alongside the beginning phases of subsidizing, working capital assumes a similarly significant part in a start-up achievement. Regardless of whether discovering introductory asset capital troublesome, opening a credit extension is consistently a chance. Any start up without adequate capital will struggle under the heaviness of its own obligation, and acquiring satisfactory subsidizing will require a solid field-tested strategy. The dissolvability of the authors, the measure of seed cash required, income expected, and development plans should be painstakingly examined to guarantee the smooth progression of business activities.

In the modern era where digitalisation became one of the way of life promoting has become incredibly financially savvy and, consequently, is a fundamental factor in a start-up’s prosperity. At the point when a strategy is executed well with the assistance of a solid group, it offers a consistent foundation of the development for the start-up. Execution is the last step pf this success mantra that has gone behind developing it from the seed level.

Stance of SAMA as a start up:

By following a sophisticated work culture the start-up was founded in the year 2015 by Mr. Vikram Kumar, Pranjal Sinha and Akshetha Ashok. Their way of dispute resolution makes them recognised by Department of Justice. They deal with the issues between business- customers, employers-employees, landlord-tenants in a cost effective way which can be affordable to everyone[1]. The skilled professionals and litigant make the firm remarkable to the domain of ODR and make their clients believe on that “when the weekends, so does your dispute.”  They work for client’s space for resolution to respect their trust.

The reason behind SAMA’s success is

“This initiative is a collaborative effort of industry players and impact sector leaders such as Agami, Ashoka, Omidyar network, Trilegal, Vahura and more who selected ODRways (now Sama), a mediation services platform founded in 2015, as the team to build an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform for the future[2].”

Challenges faced:

The concept of start-up law firm is not new since 2008. The wok culture can also influence the minds of the associate. One of the biggest challenge one venture faces is maintaining equality, integrity and prosperity within the organisation.  On the other hand, while students are looking for short internship according to their university internship break, firm prefers to hire long term interns that help for their recruitment. It has to balance as being a start-up the firm needs more outreach which is only possible through students and graduates.

If these basic problems before the firm are solved efficiently, there is no longer awaiting for the success story to become one of the leading venture.

Success story of the leading firms: Trilegal

The law firm ‘Trilegal’ which does not need an introduction to anyone who is perusing in the arena of law. This leading form in the year 2020 has completed its 20th years. The law graduate from NLSIU has started this firm in the year 2000 as a first generation law firm and tied up with London international firm named ‘Allen & Overy’[3]. Concerning about its name being Trilegal has a story as firstly, three offices worked independently for a year before merging. Trilegal became the most trusted leading advisor working with the youth minds and providing opportunities to fresh law graduates upholding gratitude, sincerity and integrity with themselves. This firm stands exceptionally well though it does not have any managing partner and senior associates working with it.


From writing the thought down to carrying out its execution, each phase of the business is associated. Regardless of whether a solitary phase is ineffectively overseen, it can debilitate whole chain. Recollect that a start-up doesn't run simply on a good thought. It needs the steady help of a talented group and the right working of each factor to effectively sustain and foster sum up with everything to establish a stat up into a big venture the success mantra is that their strategy to attract the youth minds with stability, equality and integrity within their work culture.

Submitted by: Bijayini Namrata Patel



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