I have asked many people how many books they read in a day or in a month or in a year?

The most people say they don’t get time to read books. Many people think that reading books is a waste of time, some people just hate reading books, and some people think reading only course books is enough.

If you think that you don’t have enough time to read, then you’re wrong because we make time for the things according to our priorities. How much time do you waste on TV? How much time do you spend surfing the web? You could easily replace these activities with reading, given the fact that you want to.


All the successful people in the world read a lot. They know that by reading new books they can learn new things. Bill Gates reads at least 500 pages a day. Warren Buffett the third richest man reads a lot too; he reads 600 to 800 pages a day. Moreover, he spends 80% of his day reading. A survey has been conducted and it was found that 99% of the rich and successful people are regular readers. Mark Cuban reads more than 3 hours a day. Mark  Zuckerberg reads at least 2 new books in a month and he is one of the many habitual readers in the world. Successful people believe that reading books are a gateway to learning and knowledge. Successful people read books on self-improvement, education, and success. On the other hand, unsuccessful people don’t give any importance to reading and even if they do, they read only entertainment books such as a love story or a comic book.


If you want to grow in life then learn from your mistakes and if you want to grow fast then learn from others’ mistakes. All the successful people in the world have written their success formula in their books. By reading the books of these successful people you can learn from their mistakes and you can grow fast by avoiding those mistakes.

The 3 most important reasons for reading books:

1.Workout for the brain:-

Reading is as important to the mind as physical exercise is to the body. Reading keeps your mind healthy, active, and productive. It actually increases your brain power. Just like going to a gym is good for your body, similarly daily reading gives your brain a good workout. With age comes a decline in the memory and brain functions but by reading enough you can slow down the process. Reading increases your intelligence. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University observed some students after 100 hours of reading a book and they found that the white matter in their brain (related to communication) has increased. While reading a book you are creating an image of the situation (of the book) in your mind because your mind works much faster with images. Therefore, a good habit of reading will increase your imagination power.

2. Improves concentration:-

Reading helps you a lot. It helps you to increase your concentration and your focus. Reading a blog post, new articles, or a book requires a long period of concentration and focus and after some time you become habitual to it. If you want to be successful then ‘focus’ is a quality that you must have. Any work that you are doing requires focus and focus is your gateway to success. All the good readers in the world have a good focus and concentration power.

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3. Gives you something to talk about:-

Have you ever run out of stuff while talking with your friends, family, or giving a speech? It would have been a pretty embarrassing and uncomfortable situation for you. You can overcome this problem by reading books because reading a lot of books will make you explore new things. You can receive tons of knowledge from the books that you read and when you are in a conversation with someone, you will always have something to talk about.


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