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Cyber Reporting of Fraud

IF you are a victim of Cyber Crime then you have to file your complain as soon as possible.

With the development of technology and the advancement of widespread use of the internet, cyber crime has become a real threat to society. Information Technology Act, 2000 was introduced to recognize, mitigate and prevent these threats.

Are you a victim of cybercrime?

What can I report at ReportCyber?

Some common types of cybercrime include cyber abuse, online image abuse, online shopping fraud, romance fraud, identity theft, email compromise, internet fraud, ransomware or malware.

Types of Cyber Crimes in India:

1. Hacking

2 Logic bombs

3 Denial-of-Service attack

4 Phishing

5 Email bombing and spamming

6 Web jacking

7 Cyber stalking

8 Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud

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