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Import Export Code (IEC) License Registration and Consulting

Import Export Code (IEC) License


In the last few years, the import and export business has seen a lot of growth. The boom is due to the increasing number of successful entrepreneurs which in turn leads to increasing start-up ventures in this area. But building a truly profitable business requires knowledge, dedication, and numerous contacts to help and recommend work. Fulfilling an import/export business basically requires an air of diplomacy along with the ability to sell.

Not only does it demand a low level of financial investment to start, but it offers the prestige of working with clients all over the world. Although it seems obvious that all manufacturers would want a worldwide market, it is not easy. There are hundreds of manufacturers aiming for foreign distribution. This is where the abilities and skills come in. A manufacturer needs to make solid international relations with established companies. Once the business makes progress, all of this becomes easy to handle. However, there are certain legalities and mandatory procedures to be followed before starting an import/export venture.


·         REGISTRATION:- First and foremost, the businessman has to set up his company. He must open a sole proprietorship by taking a Service Tax registration or a VAT registration. Until he/she forms international relations and contacts a logo for the company is used to represent his business. Hence a business logo should be designed along with the registration to make it look professional.


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