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NDA - Non Disclosure Agreement

3 key benefits of using a non-disclosure agreement

1 The most obvious advantage of an NDA is protecting your information! An NDA agreement allows you to agree on what information can and cannot be disclosed to others; what each party’s obligations are in regards to the confidential information; and how information is dealt with upon termination of the NDA.

2 A well-drafted NDA will outline the consequences for those that breach the NDA, which will likely include a hefty monetary fine.

3 A court would also be more likely to grant relief to an owner of confidential information in circumstances where the owner has attempted to protect that information from being disclosed.


Documents Required For NDA

1 Detail of the Receiving Party and information sharing party, you have to provide the name, father's name, and permanent address of both parties. 

2 Small description of the information

3 Time duration

4 Penalty for Breach/Remedy

Use of NDA

1 Between Employer and Employee

2 Startup and investor

3 With new Partners

4 With Vendors 

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