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Pitch Deck For Investors, Partners and Clients



A Pitch Deck is just an overview of a company's Business Plan Products, services, and growth. To run a Company we need Investors, more of the time it comes from outside of a known Circle that could be external sources. Those people who don't know the company will get attracted only by the ideas which the company shares so, the Company needs to communicate with the potential investors by getting them excited about investing in the business of the Company. So, every company needs an excellent Pitch Deck.

·         What is Pitch Deck?

A pitch Deck, also known as Investors Pitch Deek, can only grab the potential Investors for a company to run the business smoothly.

The presentation of a Pitch Deck usually created by using Powerpoint, key not, or Prezi can give the audience of the Company an overview or an idea about the business. If any Investors shows interest in investing in a business then the pitch Deck has been to show to them that could be face to face in any online meeting.

·         How a Pitch Deck so for Investors will work?

Someone who runs a business should make a Pitch Deck that could be in two types for the Investors, customers, Partners and Co- partners. One type of pitch Deck will be with more information and

Texts will usually share with the public via mail. And the other type of Pitch Deck which will be shown to investors in person by the entrepreneurs includes lots of visuals. More visuals attract people’s eye based on this phycology, it could have more attention from investors.

The second type of Pitch Deck needs more expertness as it would be present in front of Investors and it includes more visuals and fewer texts as the entrepreneurs would explain its outlook by communication But the first type of pitch Deck & which will & reach the people by mail would be more with texts that hat would help the people to get the idea of Pitch Deck by reading it only. While presenting a Pitch Deck to the investors it should be noticed if the investors understand 100% of the slides; that would be a sensitive point to raise up the funds. Which is one of the features of Pitch Deck.

·         What should be in an investor Pitch Deck?

The startup business owners, authors, founders, capitalists all focus to create successful presentations. They follow the Pitch Deck outline:

1.      Problem

2.      Brief researches on your Product or Service 3 Market size and Industry Potential Overview 4 Problem Statements and Solution

3.      Competition scenarios (Business Model, Funding Details, Clients, etc)

4.      Problem Statements and Solution

5.      Competition scenarios (Business Model, Funding Details, Clients, etc)

6.      Funding Amount / Valuation and Utilization Of Funds (Applicable only in case of seeking investments)


·         Raising capital is not easy:

Investments are the basic needs of every organization either it is a start-up or an established firm that is willing to diversify its business. An investment acts as the main bloodstream which helps every organization to run or grow its activities smoothly. In order to convey to your investors, you need a tool to make them rely on the idea that you have harvested needs to be financially resourced to earn profit in the market. This can be done only through effective investor Pitch Deck services.




1.      Startups who failed to raise the fund to throw up one’s card in about six to seven weeks. They lose their limit of tenacity. So, they should keep patience for three to four months in this stage and should focus on raising the fund in less time period.

2.      Usually, investors look at the pitch deck of any business for around 3 minutes and 44 seconds.

3.      In any pitch deck presentation, the finance and team slides are more important than other slides as investors look for those slides more and this could destine 90% of the business.

4.      Startups should convey their qualities to investors in the meeting to grow with a bright future.


·         The Investor Deck Format:

Investors deck is the opportunity for every business in case of increasing funding it would show a new path to the entrepreneurs. Investors would read a deck rather than watch. A pitch deck not always should keep a high standard of structure; also, it not required to mention all information about the business idea. Instead, it should focus on strategies, value proposition, market, opportunity , and the future ideas of that business. The following points should be presented serially with bullet points and subheadings not as a wall of text.

Investor deck is that it focuses purely on the aspects of a business plan which investors need to know in order to make an investment. Remember that how to show the financials in a pitch deck is what is going to lead the investor to believe whether or not you have done your homework.

Lastly, consider when creating your investor deck that you will already have been in contact with the investor in some manner, so they will already have an idea of what you are offering.



·         Pitch decks are important and all startups should have them for investors:

Grabbing investors and increasing fund is one of the hardest work and also time-consuming. So, it’s really important for the startups to create an efficient and effective plan and execute it through the pitch deck article which will carry the attractiveness and view of the business.

Making a great pitch deck is more than a presentation as slideshow skills, designing, aesthetically pleasing slides, precise-concise-updated information, accurate market estimations and the overall market dynamics can be a good start.


One should include few critical elements required for a great Pitch deck those are:


1.      The severity of slide: The Slides of the pitch deck tell the interesting matter of the business. Its highlights the business. And extracts the matter which would bring the investors.

2.      The problem: These can be one or two obligatory slides, depending on the audience’s sophistication. Convey the nature of the market opportunity. Address with the business or product by highlighting what is missing or not appropriate. Diligently scope out the size of the market opportunity.

3.      Product or service: After duly outlining the problems faced by the TG, the next few slides should be about the problems that should be solved. First and foremost, describe the solution provided by the business, at a high level, for the market demands described in the preceding slides. Highlight how the products are different. And have to make sure these slides leave no holes in the story or questions unsolved.

4.      Marketing strategies: By the business model audience should grab the attention this is say the market strategies. It includes a slide that mostly depends on the progress of the business. However, one company should make its business model by considering how the service or product will role in the market to capture the market share.

5.      Financial projection: Financial projection the most important slide includes in a pitch deck for convincing the investors the number of projection doesn’t matter for the startup business company in reality. In a financial projection, the revenue and the cost sides putting together increase the chances with the potential investors.

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