E-commerce is an electronic platform where multiple transaction take place between business and the customer, business and the business, customer to business , customer to customer for buying and selling of products without moving our body from one place to another.



E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce refers to the buying and selling of the goods online through internet in exchange of money for goods and goods for money. As if we talk about the old days when we need to run to market for buying the daily needs products, appliances, clothes etc. But now we don’t even need to go out to buy a needle, we can just get it deliver to our door step with just a click on laptop or mobile phones. E-commerce is an electronic platform where multiple transaction take place between business and the customer, business and the business, customer to business , customer to customer for buying and selling of products without moving our body from one place to another.

It is also the largest used platform in the past years and the highest grown too. As of now according to a survey digital population of India is 687.6 million in which we have 74% active E-commerce penetration and 73bn USD of estimated online retail market size.[1] The largest growing E-commerce market is Online Retail market- the selling of appliances, clothes, handlooms etc.



  • Amazon – monthly visitor 322.54 million
  • Flipkart – 242.62million
  • Myntra  - 48.03 million
  • Alibaba - 175.95 million
  • Snapdeal - 56.41
  • Book my show - 43.25 million
  • Nykaa – 20.84 million
  • And many more….


Amazon an American multinational technology company establishes in Seattle, Washington, which focuses on e-commerce, digital streaming and artificial intelligence.


Amazon was established in 1994 as the online book selling site and its promise was to make book available to any person anywhere but the plan not went well and the company’s lack of profit justified it too. But then Bezos printed the slogan “GET BIG FAST” and worked hard on it and the revenues of the Amazon jumped from 15.7 million 1996 to 610 million in 1998. Soon them company started expanding itself and now along with books Amazon started selling other products. In 1999 company started selling the electronic appliances and the sale of books and video also rise.

In 1997 Amazon became the public company by raising $ 54 million and also used it high flying stocks. Soon it became the trustable site and build its loyalty in the market. Also as the company not meant to be the retailer ompany, it was a technology company it , So in 2002 it launched AWS( Amazon Web Services) and in 2006 it expanded its aws portfolio with Elastic Compute Cloud EC2. Later in 2017 announced that it will buy Whole Food Market, INC the supermarket chain in more than $ 13 billion.


  • Lack of resources: While thinking of running of business in india the most common issues was the use of mobile phone and the internet. Among india only 35% of the overall population is has acess to the proper internet as according to a survey around 67% of the population owns mobile phone in india at that time and among them only 35% were resided in the place having proper connectivity and access to the internet.
  • The Untrusting Customers: The business in U.S was completely based on online transaction and when it come to India the people don’t trust on online transaction and are frightened of paying online through their cards, Moreover most of the population does’t have the credit cards to pay. So  it become mandatory for Amazon to give the pay on delivery option to pay the amount of the product bought once it is delievered.
  • Chai-Cart and the Amazon Tatkal( Studio On Wheels): Amazon soon started thinking of spreading the business in india and for the same launched the Chai-Cart program, where people use to travel to the vendor and inform him about the use of e-commerce and increase their sale by selling their product from one corner to another corner. And for the same they also lauch a ‘Studio-on-Wheels’, Tatkal service to teach them how to use their website.
  • Small Shop Market : The owners of the small shops who use to target the rural area or a small thought that they might suffer from the business of Amazon as they use to sell product for higher price just due to high demand and less product, But Amazon took them together and asked them to carry on their business with Amazon.
  • Delivery Issue: Amazon tie-up with many courier services which use to deliver their product to the customer.

Easy Ship and Seller Flex

The Amazon courier use to pickup from the  seller store the packed item and deliever it directly to the customer but now things are made more convenient. Seller now have designated a portion of warehouse for Amazon products and Amazon itself use to manage the delievery logistics.

What makes Amazon Different?

In a survey it was found that around 93% of the small business use to face barrier in selling their product due to traditionak sales channels, But Amazon made it possible for everyone to buy from anywhere and everyone to sell everywhere. As Amazon invest a large amount every year in developing more and more. Also it has a certified seller program where you can see the seller is certified or not.





The company established in 1994 and the first patent was also filled in 1995 and till the date it has thousand of patent and around 500 patent in pending. The main earning source patents are –

  • AWS

COVID-19: Threat to many business but an opportunity to Amazon

  • It leases around 12 Boeing 767-300 cargo aircraft.
  • Added 220 package facilities since the start of the year, amounting of urban delivery system to big warehouses.

Amazon’s Investment

  • Amazon Robots

Amazon has invested a large amount in robots and its own warehouse has around 45000 robots also Amazon organizes challenges in universities and institution to make a next generation robot and rewards a big amount for that. Also it acquired KIYA System.

  • Amazon Drones
  • Alexa Everywhere
  • Amazon Go stores


Amazon being a very rapidly growing E-commerce is trustworthy for people now and it now has approximately 5 million businesses all over the world and with 10k employees on single account. It has expanded to 8 additional countries and crossed around 25 billion in worldwide yearly sales. AWS being the finest choice for corporations in the future, Prime being the most used in India and Mid-east. Also it plans to get a hold on India Fin-tech Market.




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