Important questions in company law from exam point of view

important section and question in company law

Important questions in company law from exam point of view

Here are some of the important question in company law 

1 Define company 
2 Characteristics of a company 
3 Is company a legal person?
4 The procedure of incorporation of a company
5 Explain the doctrine of Ultra-Virus
6 Define Memorandum of Association
7 Define Article of Association 
8 The procedure of alteration in Article of Association
9 The doctrine of Indoor Management 
10 Define prospectus and who is liable for misstatement in prospectus Civil and Criminal liability
11 Define share and kinds of share
12 Procedure for allotment of share and procedure for transfer of shares
13 define debentures and difference between debentures and shares
14 The provision relating to appointment and removal of the director  
15 Power and duties of a director 
16 How the directors of a public company appointed and how they are removed 
17 Types of meetings of Shareholders 
18 Power and duties of a director of a company 
19 What is oppression and mismanagement Most imp 
20 What is divided and how it is distributed 
21 Winding up process and voluntary winding up of a company 

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