All it takes is a minute to change your life. Successful people invest their time thinking about new ideas and working for their dream.


Want to do something great but have that ‘fear of failure’ inside you? And that fear is stopping you from achieving your dream and finally, it makes you surrender and give up on your dreams, if this is the case then, to be honest, there is only one solution to this age-old problem, you will have to quit your fear of failure.

You have a dream inside you. You have talents and desires but your fear of failure is stopping you from pursuing your dream. Now, you have two choices: either to quit your fear of failure or to quit your dream.


First of all, just keep this in mind: massive success never comes without failure. All the great leaders and successful entrepreneurs have failed a number of times in their lifetime. THOMAS EDISON failed 9999 times before he finally invented the light bulb. Picasso has to build over 20,000 pieces of art to make a few masterpieces.  Jackie Chan was not academically bright; he failed to pass primary 1.


As you can see, before becoming so rich and successful all these famous people were also facing the same problems that any average person faces. If they can overcome their problems and emerge successful then why can’t you? All the human beings whether he be Steve Jobs or a beggar has 86400 seconds a day, but the only difference is that Steve Jobs used his time more efficiently than the beggar and that was the reason for the differences in their lives. Your time is your most important asset.

All it takes is a minute to change your life. Successful people invest their time thinking about new ideas and working for their dream. Unsuccessful people invest the same time thinking about the criticism they will have to face if they fail. If you are wasting even your single minute thinking about your failure or about anything that can go wrong then you can never be successful.

Time is precious and all it takes to change your life is one moment. I learned this from the book- IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


While working for our dream we not only fear failure but we also fear other negative outcomes that can affect our life, outcomes such as losing our job losing our respect or our social stature and the most important fear is whether I will be able to generate enough income to feed my family.

All these negative things start taking control of our mind and what acts as a fuel to this fire is the subconscious mind of humans which accepts any kind of negativity very easily. In fact, a study has been conducted in Ohio state university where it has been found that negative information weighs more heavily than positive information on our brain. That’s why newspapers and TV channels try to present things negatively.


When we are not sure about something or not confident in ourselves, we fear a lot while making a decision. Our fear affects our decision-making power and because of this we sometimes take the worst decisions of our life. Fear of failure, fear of losing everything, fear of what society will think about us and many other types of fear affect our decision-making power. The part of the brain that governs this fear is known as the reptilian brain. The reptilian brain is the emotional alarm part of the brain. If you are afraid while doing something then consider that the reptilian lizard part of your brain is holding you back. When the fear system of the brain is active, then new ideas and risk-taking are turned off.

Fear destroys your goals even before you have started working on them.


You might be afraid to fail but you will have to accept that failure is a part of the process of achieving success. You don’t fail because of your failure, instead; you fail because of your fear of failure. The only thing that matters when you fail is that you should learn from the mistakes that you made. All the successful people in the world have failed but they learnt from their failure, worked on the areas where they needed improvement and made sure they didn’t commit the same mistakes the next time when they tried and as a result, they rose up again with more experience, motivation, and will power. Face your fear of failure or quit your dreams because both of them can’t work hand in hand. Your fear of failure is only internal, it is only in your brain. No one can destroy your fear of failure but you. You cannot remove your fear of failure by spending money on it. The only way you can overcome your fear of failure is by ‘FACING IT’.

I never participated in a speech competition in my whole school life because I had a fear that people will laugh at me and I will be the laughing stock among my friends but when I was in college I decided to overcome my stage fear and participated in a speech competition. I made up my mind that today I have to stand and speak my mind and it does not matter whether the people laugh or clap after I finish, I am going to overcome my stage fear and though I trembled on the stage a few times, forgot my lines twice but none of that mattered as with every passing second my faith in my abilities grew exponentially. I received appreciation and even secured the 3rd position in the competition. Fear of failure is nothing more than a distraction. It only distracts you from achieving your goal.

Don’t be afraid to do something different because if you’re not prepared to be wrong, you will never amount to anything much. Overcome the phobia of FAILURE and


Stay motivated! Overcome your fears!

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