Social media distractions that you must avoid

Many students are becoming millionaires or even billionaires at a very young age. None of them was born special; they are almost like you. The main difference between you and them is that they use the technology they have, wisely.

Social media distractions that you must avoid

Many students are becoming millionaires or even billionaires at a very young age. None of them was born special; they are almost like you. The main difference between you and them is that they use the technology they have, wisely. You use your smartphones, tablets, and laptops only to use Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and many other social sites. Do you have any idea how much time you waste on the rubbish things (on the internet) that are killing your all-so-precious time every day? It has been scientifically proven that the technology in your smartphones is more advanced than that of the Appolo 11 (Apollo 11  was the first spacecraft that landed on the moon). This means that if you use your smartphones wisely, you can even land on the moon.

You might think that by using social media you are becoming more social, but take a moment and think how true is that? You might be chatting with a girl from another country, but you might not even know who your neighbor is. You might be giving sympathy to your friends on Facebook, but you might not even know that your sibling is going through some emotional problem.

People think that they are using social media, but in reality, social media is using them. I have seen many families having dinner together, but while having dinner, no one even looks at each other because their eyes are fixed on their smartphones. I have seen children in the parks, not playing soccer but updating their statuses. Every minute that you spend on these social sites, you contribute to the earnings of the owner of these social sites, but have you ever thought about what do ‘YOU’ earn from these sites?

“Don’t use social media to impress people; use it to impact people.”


Some of the most common distractions which kill your time on social media are:-

1. Chatting with people whom you want to impress:

You don’t think it is a waste of time, right? You are completely wrong, it totally is. You are messaging many different people on Whatsapp, Facebook every single day. You are investing all your time, day and night, to impress a person whom you like. Now, just imagine for a second that if you saved all that time and put all that effort and will, to work for yourself or to work on your dreams, how productive your life can be.

“Don’t waste your life trying to impress others.”


2. Reading gossips about celebrities or politicians:

It is ridiculous that we waste our time while reading the gossips about someone else’s life or commenting on the tweets or statuses of celebrities and politicians. Whenever you open your Twitter account, trending topics catch your attention, and you end up surfing from one tweet to another. Something that was only meant to take up 10 minutes of your time, end up consuming hours. Commenting on the tweets of celebs and public figures will not increase your worth. Instead, it will increase theirs. It is like working for someone else but free of cost. The more comments these celebs and public figures get the more famous they get, but the question is, ‘What do you get in return for your hard work?’

3. Trying to get likes and comments on your pictures or statuses:

You must ditch your mentality that getting more ‘likes’ on your photo or status increases your social worth and makes you special. Using all sorts of tricks to get more likes on your Facebook profile picture is only a way to satisfy your ego or to keep up in this ‘RACE OF FOOLISHNESS’ in which a person’s worth is decided by the likes on his/her profile picture, not by his contribution made to the society. 

People think that Mark Zuckerberg has worked hard to provide a social media platform to 2 billion people but in truth, he has employed 2 billion people to build his own billion dollar business. There is nothing wrong with what Mark has done, he is a great businessman doing great business but it is up to you to decide what is good for you and what is not.

You can check how much time you have wasted on Facebook here:  Facebook Time Machine

“Just be yourself, you are wonderful.”


4. FOMO (Fear of missing out) addiction:

In the last decade, social media has become a great tool to communicate with people. Now, everyone whether a child or his/her parent is posting events, photos, and videos on social media. FOMO – the ‘Fear of missing out’ causes anxiety and disorder. This term was earlier used with alcoholism, drugs, and smoking but now the research institutes have discovered that social media causes FOMO addiction too.

The American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) scientists researched on FOMO. According to the results, 40 percent of the users feel an urge to check their social media accounts so that they don’t miss out on important updates.


You can check your FOMO addiction here.

If you are highly FOMO addicted then, you can read these six steps to overcome your FOMO addiction.

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The Message:- 

A real ‘social network’ is not a virtual world. A real ‘social network’ is a world that comprises of real people meeting with each other, chatting, laughing together, sharing things and making real friends. I am not saying that social media is a curse and you should abandon it. It is good for you, but only if you use it in limits. Spending too much time chatting and surfing on social media is a waste of time and energy. Taking everything on social media so seriously and neglecting the real world reflects your immaturity. So, use social media sites wisely and stay true to yourself.

Watch this video in which ‘Prince’ is speaking on how social media is disconnecting us from each other?



Now you know about the distractions that social media causes and how unhealthy they are for you. In my next article, I will provide you some tips which will help you avoid these social media distractions and will help you increase your productivity and efficiency.